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The Association of Mine Resident Engineers of South Africa, which consists of some 500 members drawn from hard rock gold, platinum and other metalliferous mining operations, was established in 1924.

The main objectives of the Association have always been to originate and promote the general advancement of all matters appertaining to the work of engineers within the mining industry and at all times strive to protect the interests of its members.

The Association's objectives are achieved in many diverse ways, such as the organisation of conferences, symposia etc, at which information is disseminated throughout the industry by means of the preparation of technical papers. Such papers are reproduced from time to time in bound volumes and subsequently distributed throughout the industry, as well as to Universities and Libraries world-wide. These volumes serve as a permanent record of the Association's achievements and progress throughout the years.

General and District Meetings of members are held regularly throughout the year, the sharing of information being a major benefit of membership of the Association, problems can be freely discussed and in many cases solved.

Young engineers also derive great benefit from the Association as, apart from enjoying membership as a Student member and participating fully in all meetings, the Association offers two full bursaries per annum to students studying towards a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering at recognised tertiary institutions within South Africa.

The affairs of the Association are administered by the President and Council, who are elected on a yearly basis and, so as to ensure continuation, a Permanent Secretary oversees the administration of the Association from offices situated within, and provided by, the Chamber of Mines of South Africa.

In the past, present and hopefully well into the future, the Association has enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, representation on many mining industry forums as well as various government committees relevant to the industry. Thus, the Association continues to make a meaningful contribution towards a healthy and safe working environment in the South African mining industry.

Since its establishment in 1924, the Association of Mine Resident Engineers of South Africa has made a significant contribution to the successful operation of the mining engineering industry and, as the Association goes from strength to strength, achievement to achievement, will continue to do so long into the future.