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Publications - 1964 to 1979

Title Author
Cage Locating as Applied to Winding in Deep Vertical Shafts M J McIntosh
A Technical Note on a Hoisting System & Winding Ropes G Armstrong
Simple Method Used for Pulling in Back Ends at Hartebeestfontein G M Co H A Greyling
The Grinding of the Drumshaft Drum Bushing Journals on the No. 1 Sub-vertical Shaft Man Winder M Zimmerman
Repairs to a Reinforced-concrete Headgear E C Hunter
Overwind Accident at No. 5 Shaft, Winkelhaak, on 6 February 1977 B S Gericke
Monitor for Crosshead and Kibble Separation R Lawrence
The Optimisation of Rock Hoisting at No. 8 Shaft, Vaal Reefs R M K McKechnie
Brake Failure on No. 1 Sub-vertical Shaft Man Winder M E Hamer
Damage to Winding Rope at No. 7 Shaft, Bafokeng South Mine J J T Stobbs
An improvised Method of Tensioning & Installing New Winder Ropes V J Thomsen
Correction of Winding Ropes of Unequal Length B S Gericke
Protection Devices for Sinking Shafts L R McAdam - Kloof Mine
Askania Control as Applied to G H H Compressors & an Account of an Inherent Fault in the Control of a Machine Installed at Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Company (Witwatersrand) Ltd J P Archibald
Overhaul of a 901 m³/min G H H Compressor K M Jeffrey
Engine Testing on a Dynamic Braking Dynamometer G Jackson
Long-distance Remote-control Problems due to Cable Capacitance and Inductance J L Durant
The Expectation and Functioning of Earthing Compensator Current Transformers G J Toomey
Testing the Connections of Earthing Compensator Current Transformers G J Toomey
An Electronic Bell-signalling System R Lawrence
Emergency Power Plant G van Niekerk
The Control of Methane Encountered Underground & its Subsequent Use as a Fuel at Virginia Orange Free State G M Co Ltd K D Gibbs
Conservation of Diesel Fuel in the Mine Surface Context A R Taylor
Conservation of Diesel Fuel in the Underground Context R M K McKechnie
Collapse of a Gantry & its Subsequent Re-erection at Kloof Gold Mine Contributed Remarks L R McAdam
C Martin
Re-designed Fifty-ton Ore Hoppers H A Greyling
Flooding & De-watering of No. 5A Sub-vertical Shaft to Extinguish a Major Fire in the Stopes between 26 and 28 Levels G R W Mills
The Automation of Clear-Water Pumping at No. 8 Shaft, St Helena Gold Mines M J Felix
Modified Version of the Doornfontein Mud-Lifting System M J Felix
A Technical Note on the Stope Drill Rig, as Developed on Harmony G M Co, Virginia No. 1 Shaft Section A J Hay
Conversion of Obsolete-type Diesel Locomotives to Battery-powered Models on Doornfontein G M Co Ltd C C Kruger
Design Problems Encountered at the New Reduction Works, St Helena Gold Mines M J Felix
Vacuum Plant Installation in Reduction Plant E I Basson
The Erection of an In-motion Railway Weighbridge at the Reduction Works of St Helena G Harris
Some Problems Association with Waste-water Treatment from a Mine Hostel for Black Workers L G Choveaux
The Application of "Belzona Metal" on Worn or Damaged Metal Parts H A Greyling
Maintenance of Cap Lamps L Hauptfleisch
Timber Treatment at Western Deep Levels I D Moll
Rubbish Disposal Tippler at No. 3 Shaft, Western Deep Levels E R Koch

Publications - 1980 to 1983

Title Author
The Slinging of a Blair Multi-rope Winder Drum Shaft J E Bihl
S J de Beer
Equipping No. 1A Service Shaft, Libanon G M Co Ltd P C Bosman
Emergency Link System B S Gericke
Emergency Drive - No. 5 Shaft Man Winder R Hogeweg
Cutting a Winder Gearwheel in Half for Transportation Underground K J Shaw
Machining the Rope Grooves of a Bi-cylindro Conical Double-drum Winder G B Bell
Evaluation of Shaft Radio Communication System in Sinking Shaft W K Robinson
Automatic Skip Loading Utilising Telemetering & Data Logging P A Malcolm
Cold Service Water Reticulation, with Particular Focus on the Grove Pressure-reducing Units P Dixon-Savage
Refractory Lining of a Waste-heat Boiler D McG Blair
Chilled Water System and Bulk Air Cooling Spray Chamber at Venterspost G M Co Ltd R K Wardle
Benefits Gained by the Removal of Suspended Solids from Cooling Water Circuits H Moss
The Installation and Operation of an Underground Air Receiver on 13 Level, Pioneer Shaft P J van der Merwe
Report on the Accident at 2000 Station Pump Chamber, No. 4 Shaft, on 27 June 1982 J Duncan
Utilisation of Solar Energy for Hot Water at No. 3 Hostel, Kloof Gold Mine P J Fourie
Power Recovery from Chilled Water at the Buffelsfontein Gold Mine, Southern Shaft M L van der Merwe
The Installation of a New Pumping System at No. 4 Shaft (W), West Driefontein Gold Mine T R Stirling
Cleaning of 150 mm-diameter and 200 mm-diameter Mud & Clean Water Columns C J van Jaarsveld
Conversion of Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps from Oil Sealing to Water Sealing J J Viljoen
Tailings Dams at Impala M J Felix
Vacuum Equipment for Drum Filters in Treatment Plants P T Mann
Major Overhauls - 2 743 mm x 3 658 mm Primary Mills F S Brear
Trial Radiometric Sorting Plant K M Jeffrey
Plant Management System H A Greyling
A Microclimate Jacket System J Morrison

Publications - 1984 to 1993

Title Author
A Brief Outline of the Planned Emergency Pumping System P T Mann
Microprocessor – Controlled Winder – Monitoring System P W Bateman
Overspeed and Overwind Test During Sinking Operations B H Brasher
Monitoring & Treatment of Toxic Exhaust Emissions from Diesolene Fuelled Underground Locomotives P Anderson
Freon Fire and Clean-up of No. 4 Refrigeration Plant on 58 Level No. 4 Shaft K Packett
Diary of Events, History of and Repairs to No. 5 Shaft North Hoist E C Hunter
Optical Transmission of CCTV at Harmony No. 3 Shaft T D Long
Engineering Design Aspects of CIP/CIL Recovery Plants J A Whitley
Dynamic Testing of Winder with Gravity Applied Brakes J G G Vollenbroek
Electrical Power as an Occupational Safety Hazard in Mines L Hauptfleisch
Engineering Aspects of the Flooding and Subsequent Dewatering of the Service Shaft at the Western Deep Levels No. 1 Shaft Complex P Bohan
Braking Formulae for Emergency Braking without Electrical Braking S M McFadyen
Fracture of Drumshaft – No. 4 Shaft Rock Winder G R W Mills
Crosshead Separation Accident No. 3 S/V Sinking Shaft T Kegel
Electrical Braking System for AC Winders J D Cotterell
Replacement of Section of No. 1 10 Inch Clearwater Column at 5 Shaft A B Kallie
Rail Transport Survey Report C van Niekerk
The Implications of Hydropower as a means of Energy R H O’Connor
Ice Plant Installation at Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited, Merriespruit No. 1 Shaft Section T D Long
President Brand New Gold Plant – Engineering Aspects H G Windsor
A Discourse on the Borehole Pumping System at Durban Roodepoort Deep Limited A B Kallie
Preliminary Studies Carried out to Ascertain the Best Method of Cooling Underground Workings at a Depth of + 4 000 Metres in Buffelsfontein Gold Mine E S McAdam
Elandsrand Winder Brake Lever Failure Investigation & Repair A C Widlake
Cracking Problems in the Feed and Diaphragm Plate of No. 1 Mill – Reduction Plant A C Trueman
Planned Maintenance with Special Emphasis to the Cybergem Computerized Planned Maintenance System W P Morley-Jepson
The Use of Conveyors Underground for the Hoisting of Ore B H Brasher
Engineers Responsible for Shafts L P le Roux
Slimes Fill Project D Gericke
Mud Lift System B J Rea
An Investigation into the Feasibility of the Installation of a Lime Slaker to Replace the Existing Line Ball Mills in use at Buffeslfontein Gold Mine (Uranium Plant) E H Rolstone
Underfrequency Load Shedding H W de Hart
Sewerage Effluent Treatment to Supplement Mine Service Water Supply T Kegel
Multi Level Man Winding C Hughes
Theoretical Development of Cam Profiles and the Verification Thereof R C S Tyrer
Introduction of Mechanical Shaft Drilling in the Gold Fields Group B N Soutar
R H O’Connor
Practical Aspects in the Operation & Maintenance of the Fullflow Filtration Plant T Kegel
Introduction to Stainless Steels – Fabrication & Quality Control A Panayiotou
Use of Hydraulic Bolts on Harmony No. 4 Shaft Winder Clutch Mechanism M P Botes
South Shaft Backfill Preparation Plant Western Areas Mine
Cybergem Computerised Planned Maintenance System for Trackless Mining Machinery Western Areas Mine
Problems Associated with Long Distance Slurry Pipelines E J Amis
Major Shaft Accidents No. 1 Shaft East Driefontein G R W Mills
Failure of No. 2 Denag Turbo Compressor- Southern Shaft B Mills
Changes in the Design of Ore Pass Box Fronts on Buffelsfontein Gold Mining Co Ltd to Accommodate Loads when Long Blind Hole Bored Ore Passes are Used E H Rolestone
Experimental, Permanent Underground Settlers No. 5 Shaft J C Coetzee
Subshaft Mimic Control Room on 73 Level D A Oliver
Freegold Power Factor Correction Project M J Phillips
No. 1 Shaft Labour Rationalisation R Whittle
M Boverhoff
An Overview of a Large Tailings Dam W G Pautz
East Driefontein No. 1 Sub Vertical Shaft Degritting Plant I Czerpinski
25,4 mm Diameter Rope Fracture L J du Preez

Publications - 1994 to 1997

Title Author
Shaft Pillar Extraction at Western Holdings No. 8 Shaft P M Basson
Investigation of Hopper Wheels. (Standard Wheels for Hoppers) A de Lange
Energy Recovery – How Effective is the Three Chamber Pipe Feeder J L van Rensburg
Natural Frequency & Resonance G Saunders
Safety Aspects Associated with Shaft Pillar Removal G Geyser
Technical Aspects of the No. 3 Sub Vertical Shaft Hydropower Column Failure, Rescue Operations & Shaft Restoration, at Kloof G M F S Brear
T Kegel
The Use of Ozone to Disinfect Service Water at Kloof T Kegel
Shaft Station Safety Systems: Rolling Stock Safety Devices A C Baty
Single Drum Hoist Runaway R.P.M. Townslands Shaft L Pretorius
Incline Shaft Safety at Libanon Gold Mine P J Greyling
The "Shadow" Project: A Computerised Dynamic Test System for Winders at R.P.M. (Rustenburg Section) B E White
Investigation, Findings and Recommendations into Shaft Related Incidents at President Steyn Mine A J Brokke
Winder Safety Devices in Shafts at RPM Rustenburg Section R P Hall
Measures to Reduce the Risk of Locos Entering the Shaft Area at Hartebeestfontein G M Co Ltd C C Sealy-Fisher
The Safe Operation of Service Incline Raises at Deelkraal G M Co Ltd Deelkraal
Investigation of a Fatal Accident in an Incline Winze M J J van Rensburg
Shaft Safety Devices with Reference to Winding Plant for a Shaft Sinking Operation B H Brasher
Creating a Safety Material Incline/Decline at Western Areas G M C D Swanepoel
Cooke 2 Winder Drum Shaft Failure Analysis & Replacement D Hattingh
N Roditis
Dewatering of the Sub Vertical Main Shaft at Oryx Mine during the Equipping of the Shaft J H Esterhuizen
A New Approach to Shaft Column Installation at Oryx Mine A M van Niekerk
Annual Transformer Examination A Whibley
Determination of the Reasons for Low Refrigeration Plant Utilisation and Low Spraychamber duties at Hartebeestfontein No. 4 Shaft J J van der Westhuizen
A Comparison of Tube and Plate Icemakers T D Leonard
An Engineered Solution to Multiple Orepass Repairs at Impala Platinum Ltd, Wildebeestfontein South Mine A van der Linde
B D Moolman
East Driefontein No. 1 Tertiary Shaft: Service Winder Changeover: Mid-Shaft Loading Arrangements I Czerpinski
Full Calendar Operations R A M Brown
Major Plant Condition Monitoring at President Brand Mine A J Robbins
Upgrading and Rehabilitation of No. 4 Main Shaft Conveyor Gantry, President Steyn Mine J F Jansen van Rensburg
Electrical Protection P L Vermaak
Evaluation of Slack/Tight Rope Devices Available for Use on Mine Winders President & Council
Shaft Bank and Station Stop Blocks, A Summary of Devices Utilised on Various Mines, Including References to the Testing Thereof, where Applicable President and Council
Demolition & Gold Recovery at the President Brand Old Gold Plant L J F Daffue
J R Brinkman

Guidelines/Codes of Practice

  • Guidelines for the Installation and Removal of Steel Guides in a Timbered Shaft
  • Guidelines for Examination and Repair of Vertical Shafts
  • Guidelines to Assist in the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Sub-Incline Shafts
  • Guidelines for Shaft Examination
  • Guidelines for the Dynamic Testing of Winders
  • Guidelines for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Underground Trackwork
  • Guidelines for Underground Rolling Stock

Copies of these bound volumes are available from the Secretary at a cost of R150 (plus VAT) per book. Photocopies of individual papers are also available at a cost of R25 (plus VAT) per copy.

Should you wish to order books please contact the secretary:


Mines Professional Associations' Secretariat

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Email: mpasinfo@mpas.org.za